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Orange County Court ReportersOne of the ways the court reporting industry has changed over the years is that the professionals involved in the industry are taking on more challenges to make legal work go more smoothly. Orange County court reporters have become a part of this effort by becoming the authority on new technology that helps lawyers work more efficiently and with a new confidence in diverse information streams.

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Indexing is the most obvious part of this work that is allowing attorneys to more quickly access information, but portability has also become an important element. As cases have become more reliant on video, graphics, and audio in a media-centric world, court reporting firms have taken the lead in developing online repositories to store these medias. They can be accessed from anywhere, and teams of attorneys can work collaboratively on them in the effort to develop their cases.

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New technology is at the core of our work.

As the industry has evolved, Florida court reporters have worked to stay ahead of emerging technology in order to continue to supply law firms with innovative ideas to help them with their cases. From video depositions in the case preparation phase to video presentations in the courtroom, court reporting has changed to meet the demands of the legal community in a new environment where ideas and evidence are presented in new ways to today’s juries.