Video Service

Video ServiceRyan Reporting can provide video service that meets the needs of lawyers facing a variety of circumstances in their cases. We can offer professional quality legal video for a number of applications, and we may also have other ideas where video might enhance your case.

Orlando Legal Video

A compelling video presentation can be powerful in the courtroom, and we can help produce day-in-the-life videos and other materials that can help deliver arguments to jurors in new ways. We can also help produce graphical presentations that can help jurors visualize the circumstances of your case.

Video can also be used to great effect before your case goes to trial. Videoconferencing can be used to help legal professionals communicate, and it can also be used to facilitate video depositions. Lawyers can record their depositions and present them later, giving the viewer a way to effectively evaluate the truthfulness of the deponent.

Orange County Court Reporters

When the deponent is far away, use remote depositions to save time and money. Connect with a deponent over a secure, broadcast-quality connection and accomplish your goals without the burden of travel.

Ryan Reporting is experienced with different types of media and can help you craft new ways to utilize video in your cases. We can help you use pictures to help enhance cases in the courtroom and approach case preparation in new ways.